So, How Does It Work?

Our recurring charges finder uses BillGuard’s advanced analytics to point out which of your charges are recurring every week, month, or year. Find your recurring charges quickly and get rid of services you are paying for but aren’t using. Learn more about BillGuard.

Seriously Secure.

BillGuard is absolutely safe. When you scan a card with BillGuard, you provide our servers with read-only access to your credit/debit card statements online. This is required for BillGuard to find your recurring charges. Learn more about how BillGuard keeps your data safe.

Plus, You Get Full
BillGuard Protection

RecurringFinder is just one feature in BillGuard. When you sign up you will get full BillGuard protection, which means that you will automatically be notified about Grey Charges, get monthly scan reports, and get alerted any there is a data breach at a merchant you buy from.