Use Passbook to Monitor your Credit Cards

  1. See account balance at a glance
  2. Identify grey charges
  3. Highlights noteworthy transactions
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If you use iOS 6 and have a debit card, I recommend you sign up for @BillGuard. It lets you see your balance on Passbook!
Oct-17 9:05 PM
Setting up BillGuard to display status in Passbook. Works really well.
Nov-4 9:22 PM
@BillGuard Awesome service. I rely on it more than my bank & cc apps themselves. So much easier to glance over my financials in Passbook
Oct-30 9:34 PM

What is Passbook?

Passbook is Apple's new feature for iPhone and iPod touch on iOS 6. Passbook lets you store your digital tickets, boarding passes, and coupons.

Where to find more apps for Passbook?

Every day more and more brands create passes for Passbook.
Some of the first brands to offer passes are:
Starbucks, United Airlines, Target and Walgreens.
You can find more recommended Passbook Apps here.

What a BillGuard Pass looks like

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What is BillGuard?

BillGuard finds bad and suspicious charges on your bills.
Once you register all your cards, BillGuard scans them daily and alerts you immediately to any questionable charges - protecting you and your money.

How BillGuard works

Get a BillGuard Pass
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Other Passbook apps you should check out:

Starbucks - Add your Starbucks Card to Passbook through the Starbucks iPhone app.
United Airlines - Board your flight with Passbook Passes that you create through United's iPhone app.
Target - Receive Target Mobile Coupons on your iPhone and add them to Passbook.
Walgreens - Connect your Wagreens Balance™ Rewards account to Passbook

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What people are saying about BillGuard

"BillGuard flagged $60 in recurring charges I never authorized and would never have noticed on my own."
Suzie, Detroit, MI
"I love getting an online statement that's much more readable, useful, and interactive than my bank's."
Hunter, New York, NY
"BillGuard keeps my cards honest. It found discrepancies on my bills that I wouldn't have caught otherwise."
Daniel, Chicago, IL
"It's been perfect: non-intrusive and easy-to-use, with clear, understandable warnings about any and all mysterious charges."
Carlin, New York, NY