BillGuard is a personal finance security service that analyzes millions of consumer billing complaints to find deceptive, erroneous and fraudulent charges on your credit card and debit card bills.


Register the cards you want protected by granting BillGuard secure, read-only access to the web site that displays your credit card’s transaction activity.


Scans your card activity daily, running each transaction through over 100 automated security tests including checking the web and banks for complaints about the merchants and charges that appear on your bills. BillGuard identifies hidden charges, billing errors, misleading subscriptions, scams and fraud on your bills and alerts you via email when your attention is required. A scan report email is sent monthly, providing a quick overview of your cards and much needed peace of mind.

BillGuard Gets Smarter With Each Click

Verifying the questionable transactions that BillGuard brings to your attention takes a single click and makes BillGuard smarter and better at protecting you and everyone else.

BillGuard provides a beautiful combined view of all your credit cards and debit cards in one place and makes it easy to understand every charge on your bills. No more painstaking calls to the bank to explain unrecognized charges. BillGuard saves you both money and time, even helping you get your money back when needed.

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